Symbid – “equity-based” online investment platform

Symbid is the first “equity-based” online investment platform that enables individuals to directly invest in start-ups or existing ventures in exchange for an equity stake in the company! Anyone can invest, – from as little as €20 for each investment unit – you decide the size of your investment by deciding how many units you wish to acquire. You can begin by investing just €20 for one unit or increase your investment to as much as €2,500,000! Symbid’s crowdfunding model is the first of its kind providing a new way for small and large investors to directly invest in equity-based ventures. Investors become partial owners once the new company has managed to achieve its stated funding. Entrepreneurs use Symbid as an exciting new way to obtain start or growth capital with help from the crowd. Once the investment target is reached and you become an owner in the new venture you will be able to interact with the entrepreneur and with other investors within a closed online collaboration workspace enabling you to stay in touch with the development of the business!

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